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    Everything is tied into the debate schedule. But the point is now moot. ELEC voted not to move the debate and Corzine moved his manicure and pedicure to another date, so he can now appear. Hahellujal.I guess someone sent Ted a sneak peak of the new Quinnipiac that will be out later today. Care to share?

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    And so it begins…….A great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be heard throughout the land.  Oh, and blaming of Bush, Romney, Conservatives, et al, will commence.  The Marching Morons got what they wanted.

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    By 15 June, 2007 – 22:41Well given that I’m no longer with the partner I cheated on I think I’ll be keeping the £2.50 they want to myself as I wouldn’t want to apologise (the bitch deserved it)Anyways off topic, when you gonna put a link to my blog with all your over friends links? I’ve linked yours and I could use the extra traffic :-D

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    Estás bastante equivocada. No somos una mayoría. Voto en blanco: 2%; voto nulo: 1%, abstención: 33%.Aquí la gente ha entendido mal lo de #nolesvotes. Se trataba de ir a votar pero sin votar a los de siempre. Los partidos minoritarios han obtenido un 14%, que habría sido bastante mayor si ese 33% no se hubiera quedado en casa.De lo que se trataba era de acabar con el bipartidismo, al menos quitarles un poco de poder. Y sí, lo hemos conseguido. Ya no hay bipartidismo, bienvenidos al Monopartidismo

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    Agreed – it’s part of risk with uber-cool church that is cool with wearing jeans. But again, “are those real?” KIDDING (I am not kidding). PS: torn jeans, wrinkled clothes and bare feet are fine (this coming from anti-germs-girl). Ann – I love the heck out of you! You are the perfect example of tasteful, yet stylish, dressing for church.

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    I agree with TOTW. EXCELLENT idea!! $100.00 is very reasonable, maybe even an undercharge.My favourite dispatch, especially at 0300: “MVC, heard but not seen. Caller drove on and refuses to stop.”

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    Nils-Aslak,huh, huh. Ei me sentään noin etäälle eka reissulla lähteneet.Lappi kyllä kiinnostaa kovastikin. Menoveden hinta vaan paljon määrittelee, minne auton nokka suuntautuu tänä tai tulevina kesinä.SFC-karavaanarialueita on viisainta käyttää, koska moni ns yleinen alue on hinnoitellut itsensä ulos ainakin meidän suunnitelmistamme.Pieni on kaunista. :))

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    Creo que este asunto de las marchas que no dicen las cosas con su nombre propio no funcionarán. La del 4 funciono porque a los colombianos, en cualquier lugar del mundo donde estemos, apenas nos dicen FARC, estamos dispuesos a pelear… contra ellos por supuestos. Conclusión: una manifestación en contra de las FARC y no vulgares imitaciones con inclinaciones contrarias, es loq ue tiene apoyo popular… y quien no esté en ese “canal” pierde “rating”.Felicitaciones por tu blog.

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    , honey would u mind if I saw theat movie with a couple of friends, he said uhm its up to u how do u feel about it? “so I knew his opinion :} I prayed about it and thought it was simple “If I had to think about if I should put guardrails up for this movie” than it shouldnt be something I should watch….n Yess friends think wow really???

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    I am a 1969 Cal grad, with two nieces who graduated from Cal, one in 2008, one in 2010, and a nephew at UCSB.  Good letter, well said.  I wrote Birgeneau and the UCPD on Thursday.  Everyone should. This cannot be allowed to happen again.Â

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    Kevin, you look great. I dont think you’ll have any problem with 405 flat bench. Next goal…..405 behind the neck press for 6reps. By then you should be squatting 5 plates easily, maybe barefoot like the old days at World Gym. haha….. Im still hoping Vegas 2010. Cutler vs Levrone 2010! Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon back in Maryland.

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    Takk for sist! Var kjempekoselig å hilse på deg! Jeg spisset jo ørene ekstra godt da jeg hørte en annen bergenser :) Ikke så ofte jeg hører den dialekten her borte :)Fortsatt fin søndag!Klem Lene

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    If an internet service provider, provides internet, how do they connect, if they use another service provider, then where does that provider get access to the internet? If they use a server then how does the server get access and if there is one universal service provider then how did that one get access, and if you can use a server to get an ISP, then couldn’t anyone just buy a server and get free internet excluding the server cost?

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    Hello,The arvahall site keeps getting stuck loading at 60%. This started several days ago. I keep trying and have gotten it to go through 2 times in 4 days. Not good for my production. I am using chrome for my browser. The other 2 worlds I havn’t had any issues. Also, it is hard to find where and how to send in a ticket for glitches like this. I really enjoy this game–is for shame that i’ll have to quit since it will not load. Likewise–it is frustrating to put in so much time–and then lose your world.Thanks for looking into this.

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    Gostaria de saber se vou conseguir embarcar em Palmas-Todia 02/12. Comprei minha passagem de ida e volta há mais ou menos 15 dias. Como tenho compromisso de trabalho inadiável para o dia 03/12, estou preocupada. Espero retorno. obrigada.

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    Muy típico por nuestra parte, de 11 comentarios 8 son para poner a parir…….eso dice bastante de nuestra mentalidad. Asi construimos o mejor dicho destruimos un pais. Luego nos quejamos de la clase politica que tenemos……no son más que un reflejo de nuestras sociedad.Debate caliente. Qué piensas? 10  9

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    Why is there no Firefox or Linux support? OneClick is Chrome only and Paddle Over asks me to install an MSI file(Windows Installer). You guys need to get this working on more then just Windows otherwise it defeats the point of such a thing.

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    Magnus Gustin skriver: Statlig censur eller egencensur – hursomhelst är det inte ett fritt debattklimat i Sverige. Ni kan väl tipsa om vilka forum som finns där man kan ha en seriös politisk debatt. AlltsÃ¥ jag menar helt ärligt. Är ingen rasist el dyl som blivit bannad frÃ¥n NM. 1  2

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    Ah, nothing like coming home to 4 tubular dachshunds… I don’t travel like I used to (staying close to my own three sweetest hearts) but there’s nothing like that feeling of coming home.

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    The test only includes sphere/frustum checking, but you can certainly add support all many other types of geometric shapes. As stated in the article, you will reach a point where doing the frustum checking is actually more expensive than just drawing the object, so be careful of, say, checking every triangle in a complicated mesh. Try to use bounding volumes like spheres, axis-aligned boxes, and ellipsoids instead. They can be a pretty good bound and are far cheaper to compute than an entire mesh.

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    Hej Elisabeth! Har följt din blogg sedan jag såg programmet sofias änglar & har kommenterat flera gånger innan. Jag bor i Norrköping & blev så glad när jag läste att ni skulle ner hit. jag såg din man & yngsta son förut, ville träffa dig med så jag kunde gå fram & ge dig en styrkekram. Du kämpar på duktigt & du verkar vara en helt underbar fru & mamma. <3<3 Kram Johanna

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    Aha, misschien was ik niet zo duidelijk als ik wilde zijn. Met masters of focus bedoel ik niet de versnipperde focus maar juist bewust kiezen waar je je aandacht op richt. En daar dan de aandacht, of liefde zoals je het treffend noemt, in overvloed naartoe laten stromen.

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    on some blogs there were 5-10 links here at the bottom of each post.And hey, we all like the comments!@Lisa, yes, you’re one of those included in my apology. It’s not as good as flowers and chocolates so if we ever meet in RL, I’ll owe you!

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    I have a problem with the LUKE BACK IN ANGER clue. The whole point of Return of the Jedi was that Luke didn’t give in to his anger. In fact, Lucas released a fake-poster called “Revenge of the Jedi,” which real fans were supposed to recognize as phony because Jedis “want not revenge.” I will now go not kiss a girl.

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    Vix, your blog is so good to read – and your photos are awesome. I love the floral shirt dress! I hope you get to be on that lovely beach sometime soon and I will be looking forward to reading all about it. Wishing you all the best for 2012.

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    Wow, Vicky this is so fabulous!! Your colouring is awesome and all your lovely embellies are perfect!! So sorry I missed sending birthday wishes on the actual day- I've been hopelessly disorganised recently!! Hugs, Juliexx

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